Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Class at ESO THIS THURSDAY!! Ker ART SHOW and Janet Rogers Class

 Diana M. Davis Booth at Ker Art Festival this weekend.

Saturday at Ker Art Festival

More of Saturday

Janet Rogers shows us how she paints. Amazing , inspiring workshop. So Glad I GOT TO GO!!!
hi, WOW.. so much to tell you. First I am teaching at ESO in Belle Haven,Va. this Thursday Oct. 22 from 10am-1pm. Cost is $80 bring your supplies, or buy for $10 that day.  We will be painting Great Blue Herons!!!

I was in the Ker Art Festival this weekend. Thanks everyone for your support. I'm wiped out but pleased with sales. Thank goodness my dear husband helped with the set up and break down.

Monday I took a workshop in Va. Beach taught by Janet Rogers, an amazing watercolorist.. ooooh it was very loose and so inspiring. I was blessed to get this opportunity!! you can see some of her demos on you tube. I tried a few colors I have never used tried her technique--- It will take lots of practice, hope to absorb some of her spirit, and enjoyed it so much.

SO tired and my back is the pits but that is the way it goes after an art show. Next one is in November. love and Hugs to each of you... Diana


  1. Congratulations on your sales!
    Your booth looks very inviting. Being busy with art is a good investment of time. Prayers you back feels better

  2. Well done you! Your stall looks beautiful! I'm not surprised you made some sales! I did a workshop last week too. It was a fabulous experience! :0)

  3. Oh missed so much of your last few weeks.... So happy about all your shows and great successes..
    Janet Rogers? oh if I were in Florida I would have taken her course on portraits. She offered that just before she came to Va. Beach...

  4. BJ it looks like she is having more classes in Fla. thank you. Thanks Sandra, I loved taking her class. Maywyn it seems my heart is only in art and I need so much to clean the house.. ah well.. love to each of you,Diana


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