Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Thursday, September 4, 2014

New Heron Watercolor in the Works!!

 New Heron Watercolor in the works..
Sadie helping by eating watercolor paper. It's Arches she has good taste literally.

Hi, I've been drawing and painting this new heron painting. I drizzled the blues and yellow ochre in the background first. It's not finished. I need to add more foot detail and decide if I add anything else. I don't want it to be busy. I've got it propped  up so I can see it.. sometimes walking by I'll see what it needs... what do you think??

Sadie has been restless, the last couple of days have been very hot and humid outside so we go out but she needs more exercise. That and she will eat anything. I had placed this paper in the rocker and she came and munched it up. Atta Girl... 

I'm going to frame some smaller paintings today. (They are easier!! Ha ha!) Next week is the art show at Ker Place so I've got lots to frame and I'm planning my Sunflower Class at NBG.. so that will be fun. Talk to you soon.   Love to you,Diana


  1. I hope you received my comment..not sure it published . I just want to thank you for commenting on my blog and to let you know I am a follower now...Your water colors are among the best I have seen.

  2. Dear Diana - this is another winner. I bet you see quite a few of these lovely birds in your area. Every once and awhile I spot one. They are so still at times that they look like statues. Yes that Sadie does have good taste - expensive too!! Have a wonderful day framing.

  3. I love how your paintings fit the flow of your pours, Diana. You are so busy! And Sadie is still such a puppy!

  4. That Sadie! At least she didn't eat paper on which a painting had been done!!!
    Kathryn xx


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