Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Raining Painting of Wachapreague,Va

Watercolor of Wachapreague,Va. Still in progress. My mother grew up in this little waterside village.

More to be done but enjoyed using the palette knife for texture on this old metal building.

Sadie,relaxing under the table while I'm working. Such a wonderful foot warmer!
Hi,this afternoon, I've been painting a small Eastern Shore mini landscape of Wachapreague,Va. This is the little town my mother grew up in. Her family were watermen. They worked on the water and fished and crabbed. My dad's family were farmers. I have so many fond memories of JackaMom, my grandparents in Wachapreague. John and I lived in my great grandparents house next door to Mom,( my grandfather Jack had passed away by that time, I still miss both of them.) my mother's mother the first year we got married. Main Street Wachapreague,it was such a wonderful time there. This little metal building was on the waterfront near where the Island House Restaurant is now. As you can see Sadie has had a nap while the clouds come in and it looks like some rain  here and I painted. I hope so, my flowers need some.

Last night I cut my finger badly. John and I thought we were going to end up at the ER but thankfully the bleeding stopped after he helped me bandage and put pressure on it. It's sore but has only bled a little today. What a time. I'm so glad it was on my left hand,so I could paint-- I'm right handed. Talk to you soon. love,Diana


  1. Sorry about your hand. Prayers it heals well.
    With cuts, I use the antibacterial ointment and waterproof bandages with butterfly stitch if needed. Frequent bandage changes, clean and moist helps the skin not dry out so fast and pull up a scar. When the cut is closed well enough, I use regular bandages.

    The painting is lovely.

  2. I so wish I could paint my heart like artists do...This is beautiful, Diana.

  3. This is so lovely Diana!
    Sadie lays on her back like Sherlock! Glad you didn't cut the most important hand... hope the other one heals very soon :0)


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