Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Swirled Lollipop for an Art Lesson, so Cute!

Jackson and me painting this morning.

Here's Jackson again, I'm showing him how to do watercolors.

My Hydrangea's still working on..
HI, Well this morning I got a treat. I went over to my friend Beth's house and visited with her and her grandchildren, Jackson, and Addie, and her son Bret. I took my watercolors with some extra paints to make Jackson a palette(the egg crate) and we sat on her beautiful porch overlooking the creek and painted. He did about 4 paintings quickly and was done but had a good time. He even offered me his swirled lollipop if I gave him a lesson. Ha ha.. but I told him no, this one was on me. Adorable children,so very sweet. I enjoyed it so much. Beth gave me a bunch of her blue hydrangeas to bring home so I 've been using them this afternoon to continue to paint this hydrangea watercolor.

 I've decided to add a bloom off center to the left and then I'll decide from there.. to add a luna moth, hummingbird, or swallowtail butterfly. Sadie,my lab, has enjoyed the weather and stayed by my side with her head on my foot,as I've painted. How could I paint without her? Love to each of you and have a great weekend, Love,Diana


  1. What a fun time! Such a cute little boy...
    Your hydrangea is coming out beautifully.
    Hugs to you and Sadie.

  2. Some of the most beautifully painted hydrangeas ever!!! You look like you had as much fun as Jackson did. If that was me, it would probably take a winch and a hoist to get me back up off the porch! LOL

  3. It is nice to paint with children especially as they do love drawing and painting, they are so enthusiastic. Just got to remember to hide your best brushes! I bet he enjoyed it. Glad you both had a lovely time and the hydrangea painting is beautiful.

  4. Sounds lovely - painting outside with Sadie's head on your feet. :)
    Kathryn xx


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