Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, November 1, 2013

What are your requirements for a Great Painting??

HI! Last November I did the BLogmo. Just now I saw Catherine is doing it again  which reminded me ,so I'm going to try. Each Day blog for a month. I haven't signed up I will.. I've been busy all day preparing for my class tomorrow. Yesterday, I painted this pine as I sat in the backyard. It was quick but I like the looseness of it and the list is what I was thinking about.. what are your requirements for a great painting. Just jot down what comes to mind.. these are mine.. and I painted the stack of erasers on my art table at the bottom of it.. ha ha.. Dear Sadie has been bad today.. she has tried to eat everything. I think she knows I won't be here tomorrow.. she'll be with John.. who doesn't cater to her like I do. She is chewing on Clay--our son's tennis shoe.. I got it away from her before she tore it .. Going to rest up now for tomorrow. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.Love,Diana


  1. I love the loose beauty of that tree, Diana. I so wish I could paint like that! Good drawing...I think that is so foundational and it is largely why my pieces do not work.

  2. Very, very nice Diana. For me I think I'm always working towards loosening up.. Years of doing realistic oils has left it difficult for me to achieve this .
    OMG! I just love how you captured that look on Sadies' face. She's thinking "uh, oh, BUSTED" lol !

  3. love the pine love Sadie
    sorry for the shoe
    luck with the workshop
    don't know if I'll comment each day

  4. Thanks Yvette!! Thanks BJ. I know I try to loosen up and it was a relaxing day. that helped!!Sherrie you can do it. lots of water and just try it. Stop when you get to the almost there point.. I know you can. love to each of you,Diana


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