Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Heron Watercolor continues,A Smoother Day!

Heron Watercolor In Progress

Diana at Art Table,with Sadie
Hi! I worked on my heron watercolor a little more today.Today was so much smoother than yesterday. That is me at my art table, you knew- I love bright colors, and Sadie was just getting out of my lap. We have a lot of old country rockers that were in the family, that one beside me was in John's family. I have one that was my great -great grandfathers from Wachapreague,Va. I love them.. they creak nicely when I rock!

  I hope I get to paint much more tomorrow. I need to for my peace of mind.

 John had brought 2 huge bags of turnip greens and kale for me to cook for Thanksgiving.. I did all that this afternoon.When Sadie went out today we stayed in the backyard, to keep her safe..and will be there as much as possible.Monelle came over. She is painting a lovely surprise for someones Christmas.

 Tell me what you are painting or creating today. Love to you,Diana


  1. Love your sweatshirt, Diana! Glad you had a nice day and the herons look beautiful, but I knew they would.

  2. The Herons are beautiful!! And the photo made me chuckle! :0)

  3. Diana - your colors are beautiful and it makes me smile to think of you sitting holding Sadie - now that is truly a lapful my dear. Have a great day. Can't wait to see your Heron finished. You always manage to inspire me. Hugs

  4. love this one diana ...you've got your hands full ! great shot above too !


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