Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, September 2, 2011

Plein Aire Hummingbird Watercolor!

HI, I've enjoyed this afternoon on my porch. I drew this hummingbird yesterday with nasturtiums from a photo but decided to take it outside this afternoon and try to paint a hummer from life! HA!

I took my sketchbook and scribbled some notes on the hummingbirds and made 2 pages of fast sketches. I really believe they were teasing me,round me, up, and down, but do you think the little rascals would hold still.. Well, I did add some details to this females chest feathers that I had never noticed before. Beautiful, amazing birds. I've laid in a dark wash on the left side of the painting. This I glazed 4 times to get the dark using a mixture of sepia,ultramarine blue,and viridian green. The last glazing is drying now,it may not be dark enough and I see some edges I need to cut into with my brush. I haven't decided what to do with the other side of the painting.. should I go dark or lighter..?

Well,for now, it's look in the freezer and find something for dinner. Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Talk to you soon,Diana

ps. I touched up under the wave in the water scene and have framed it. I had to readjust it after I hung it up on the wall because I realized the water(horizon) was dipping on the left side. ... oh boy, anyway,I fixed it- just straightened up the painting in the mat! ha ha! Happy Weekend!


  1. So happy you made it through the hurricane, painting all the while! This painting is coming along so nicely, admire your darks, I find those so hard to get with my watercolors, may try your recipe of colors and glazing! And I look forward to seeing this finished.

  2. Just read all about your experience of the hurricane. Glad to hear you are safe and that by now things are getting back to normal.
    I can see why you decided to paint, take you mind off what was happening and the painting turned out great. So lovely to see your latest paintings, all beautifully done. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love looking at your photographs, complete with coffee cup! It says alot about how you work and the surroundings you are in. And you are so lucky to have Humming Birds around you - I have never ever seen one before. We don't have them in the UK. Glad you are over the Hurricane and Earthquake!!

  4. Thank you Maria, so glad you like it.thank you Milly, it did take my mind off that storm-- which I needed. So glad that one is behind us. Sandra, I wish I could send you one. They are incredible creatures. But I'll bet you've got some amazing animals or birds there we don't have too!take care, love Diana and thank you so much for your comments I enjoy them so much!


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