Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sketching Vinca

Yesterday I went up to Parksley,Va. to Annie's Restaurant, I had to pick up my paintings because Matt is having the restaurant painted inside. On the way home, I stopped by Hortico Garden Center.. oh no.. and everything was on sale..

I bought some pale pink Bee Balm, and two other tall perennials the garden expert told me were very invasive. I said, "No problem I like invasive.. one is pale blue, the other bright red. I know the hummers will love them. Also I bought this gorgeous hanging basket I couldn't resist.. it was on sale for $10 and it's magnificent. Of course after I brought it home it drooped terribly and I thought I had killed it already.. but no I watered it and it looked so much better.

I started to draw it today and asked my dear husband to photograph me with the plant while I was drawing. (That is the photo of my feet- He took.)I didn't include the one of just my body, no head and no flowers.. ha ha. oh he tried. So I will be painting this vinca basket... Hope the painting does justice to the amazing beauty of the flower! talk to you soon, Diana--

Look at the Eastern Shore Art League T shirt I have on! It's an antique,on the back it has work by Doris Hoffmaster, Jane Hinds, Mary Ann Clarke,Joan Trapp,Me and more!

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  1. Diana, you are the first laugh I've had today and it's 8 p.m. too bad I didn't read this early.. lol ! your husbands photography, lol !
    thanks for your visit, your kind thoughts, I'm just feeling so very exhausted, not a problem ( I don't think) I had this a few times.
    Well your now a slave to your Vincas , water, water, they let you know by drooping , water them and they thank you by perking up.
    Love your hummer , all your paintings are just so beautiful .. I keep saying I will try that pouring process, love the look... but never do it. Your so good at it !!! ((hugs))


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