Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eastern Shore Mini Series

HI, I've been working on a series of little 8x10 paintings of the Eastern Shore of Va., different local landscapes but small. Here is one I just finished of Quinby,Va., I always loved and still love to go over this little bridge, it's so beautiful. It's fun to roll down the car windows and breathe in the salt marshy air and gaze at the lovely marsh and water.

The sun is just setting here and it's just the dogs and I. My husband has gone to a meeting. I walked out the driveway and took some photos of the sky it is amazing. Pink puffs and then yellow streaks.. the light outdoors now is pink and gives a pink glow to everything. So gorgeous.

Well I'd best get back to my next little mini.. this one is an older scene of Willis Wharf. HarvestFest is coming next Wednesday October 6Th and I'll be there showing my watercolors in the large Art Tent.. This I believe is their 19Th year and I've been there each HarvestFest. It is an all you can eat seafood festival, showcasing the Eastern Shore Food and Art.

take care and if you get time walk outside and enjoy the pink sky, talk soon,Diana

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alpacas and Peppers

HI, yesterday was a nice day at the Tomato Festival, I had some nice sales and it was warm and sunny. Saw quite a few friends and that was great. Here is a little pepper painting I got finished in the nick of time to frame for the show. I had planned to put a small mat on it but after I looked at the black around it I liked the way it looked with the white showing the black edges so I used a larger mat.

Today exhausted I missed church and slept in, I had heard from the Bear and Cub newsletter about the By the Bay Alpaca farm ,in Craddockville, having an open house so I went by with my camera!! It was wonderful. I was the only one there at first and Tara and Andrew gave me a tour, Tara let me go into the pasture where I met and fed the beautiful alpacas,just as we got into the gate I came face to face with China, we looked at each other and SPLAT.. all over me.. hahah.. she spit on me.. face to face.. and IT was all over me, in my hair, all over my shirt, glasses.. here are some pictures of the Alpacas! thank you Tara and Andrew.. take care, Diana

Friday, September 24, 2010

Monarch Butterfly Watercolor

HI, I'm trying to finish this monarch butterfly painting before the Cape Charles Tomato Festival tomorrow.There is so much detail in a butterfly painting.I paint around the white of the paper and don't use white paint. I've put some rice paper in the side of the painting for fun. This one has a sliver of gold metallic going thru it. I will put a glaze of iridescent watercolor medium on the butterfly after I finish painting it.This will help it glow.

I have 3 other paintings to frame too and J. just asked if I'm going to do my grocery shopping.. If you happen to see me there I will be flying thru. Hope to see you tomorrow at the Festival. Have a great weekend.. Diana

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finished Beatrices' Piggies

HI, well this morning I finished my new piggies,watercolor. I really enjoyed painting them and will frame them and hang them up to enjoy before the show on Saturday(Cape Charles Tomato Festival Mason Ave.Art Walk) Check out Beatrice's and her hubby's blog www.thefrogandthepenguinn.blogspot.com. It is delightful and these are her piggies..

Well today is Daddy's birthday so I'm going over to see him. First I'm going to stop at the Yellow Duck Bakery in Exmore and get a Birthday Muffin for him.This is adorable with a little yellow duck on top. Don't tell !!

talk to you soon,Diana
Don't tell I may have to get a bag of chocolate covered coffee beans for me!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Painting Pigs

HI, I'm getting ready for another show... Cape Charles Tomato Festival Mason Avenue Art Walk. Check it out in the top right hand of the blog! It's a nice juried show with approximately 40 local artists.

Pictured is the beginning of my new pig painting. I love to paint pigs! These pigs are from a dear photo from my friend Dorothy at The Frog and Penguin Blog.. Check them out at www.thefrogandpenguinn.blogspot.com.(She gave me her permission to use the pig photos--thank you Dorothy!) I 'm going to work on this painting today. The value sketch is above it-- showing I 'll add some dark blue to surround some of the pig.. Hope to have this finished and framed for the show.. take care and have a great weekend, the weather here is perfect for painting outside so I will be!! talk soon, Diana

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Persimmons,Pears, and Pumpkins

HI, I've been working on this tiny painting of persimmons, pears and pumpkins. I love the rich fall colors. We have a persimmons tree in the backyard, pears we pick at the Hacksneck blueberry farm and the little pumpkin is from my mother's vegetable garden. Daisy and Dusty joined me on our little front porch, as I finished this in the warm sunshine. The chickadees and titmouse were talking to us from the oak 10 feet away.. Wishing you a lovely almost fall day. Diana

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tired ,Well Don't I feel like a horses....

Well Don't I feel like a horses.... I just sent my show email out to like 120 customers and friends.. and said I have a show this upcoming Thursday.But there is no show this THURS>... Thank goodness Lisa( one of the ladies in charge of the show) emailed me and said No... it's OCT.7th... Good grief.. so please forgive me.. I said I was exhausted.. not even thinking straight.. My head hurts, I'm tired.. achey.. I sound like Rose Ann Rosannadanna .. on Saturday Night Live..sooo.. I will rest, paint and my next show is now Sept 25th. in Cape Charles.. the Tomato Festival.. I think.. ha. nitey nite.. Diana hahha.. forgive me! haha

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


hi! Here is my studio wall now. I'm getting ready for Harborfest in Onancock,Va. This show and festival will be Saturday September 11, from 9am until at least 2pm.( We will be staying later if possible.)Artists and the Farmers Market will be beside the House of Deals on Main St.

I haven't gotten any painting done today. I went to Cape Charles to the Stage Door Gallery to place some new paintings there for their opening this Saturday night. The show there is called "Colors of the Eastern Shore" (what color do you think of when you think of Va's Eastern Shore?) so I took a heron painting as well as 3 other originals. I think of blues and earth tones and greens for the Eastern Shore.. colors of soft nature.

I still have some time to paint, and today is gorgeous it would be nice to be outside sipping iced tea and painting.. lovely. Well ,I shall get to it and hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.. Come to the show if you can!! Talk soon! Diana

Friday, September 3, 2010

Eggplant and Ratatoiulle

Hi, I just framed this little eggplant watercolor for the Pignic Art Show tomorrow. I love the color of eggplants. I use ultramarine blue and permanent rose to make my deep purple and I threw in a brush full of cad.red medium and thalo blue. I love thalo. Just a very simple painting but it makes me happy. I then made ratatouille for me for dinner, J. doesn't like it. Eggplant, tomatoes,onions, peppers, garlic, all stewed down and luscious. take care and see you tomorrow/talk soon! Diana

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Calm Before Earl

HI, today I've been up to Parksley to Annie's Restaurant, I saw Matt, the owner, and changed my paintings, removed the ones left and put in some new ones. It's a nice place to have lunch or dinner, we have and enjoyed every moment. Afterwards, I got my groceries and bottled water and canned tuna in preparation for Hurricane Earl.. The Storm is coming up the east coast and right now Dusty(pictured with Daisy the snorer) is calm. Now she is. She will probably be clinging to the ceiling if we do get any rain,wind, or whathaveyou. I will run extra water to paint with- Take care and brace yourselves. May you all be safe.. Hope to see you at the Pignic Art Show on Saturday!Diana