Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alpacas and Peppers

HI, yesterday was a nice day at the Tomato Festival, I had some nice sales and it was warm and sunny. Saw quite a few friends and that was great. Here is a little pepper painting I got finished in the nick of time to frame for the show. I had planned to put a small mat on it but after I looked at the black around it I liked the way it looked with the white showing the black edges so I used a larger mat.

Today exhausted I missed church and slept in, I had heard from the Bear and Cub newsletter about the By the Bay Alpaca farm ,in Craddockville, having an open house so I went by with my camera!! It was wonderful. I was the only one there at first and Tara and Andrew gave me a tour, Tara let me go into the pasture where I met and fed the beautiful alpacas,just as we got into the gate I came face to face with China, we looked at each other and SPLAT.. all over me.. hahah.. she spit on me.. face to face.. and IT was all over me, in my hair, all over my shirt, glasses.. here are some pictures of the Alpacas! thank you Tara and Andrew.. take care, Diana

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  1. Glad the Tomato Festival went well for you, Diana. The alpaca visit sounded like great fun until I read about your encounter with China!


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