Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, March 5, 2010

Paint, Darling,Paint!

This is a very quick study in watercolor. It was fun. Just 20 min. Set your timer, begin with a clean piece of paper and something to paint, I used only one brush to further test myself. The purpose is to eliminate those things you see that you don't need to focus on and to focus on the important elements. I enjoyed it and will be doing some more. This one was a delight and quiet time/stress release -- right now a loved one is in the hospital.. she is ok,but my heart is there with her. It's so important to realize that art is about life, your life and even in harder times you paint. You must paint!Your emotions shows in your work and that is how it should be.Art can and should be part of you in the ups and downs..To pick up my brush and feel the release.. what a blessing!talk to you soon, Diana

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  1. I enlarged this to take a closer look ... I love how, when I saw the closeup, I could see how simply painted this was--no going back or fussy details! It's delightful to see!


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