Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Friday, August 11, 2017

SeasideAntiquesinWachapreague, Butterfly Watercolor and My Sadie

Seaside Antiques and Art in Wachapreague, Va. These girls painted watercolors. 

 Patricia Hart And her granddaughter!  

My beginning of a tigerswallowtails  butterfly. 


The summer has flown by, hasn't it.  I have taught more classes this year. One of my favorite places is Seaside Antiques and Art in Wachapreague, Va. It carries a little bit of everything  and Carol and Aunt Pat  make it so special.

I started painting a butterfly yesterday and wanted you to see Sadie, since it has been awhile since I wrote.  She is fine and manages t,Diana M.Davis watercolor o climb up into my lap in the recliner every night.  


  1. Sadie looks so cute!!!!I'm so happy you are teaching....looks so fun. Love the beginning of the painting too.

  2. She looks pretty big to be climbing into your lap - she must think she's a little dog :) ha ha Love the butterfly - and yes, summer has flown by this year because it never really got hot and humid here for more than a week (I'm not complaining about the loss of heat and humidity but it does seem like it's fall already).

  3. Dear Diana - I am sure all of your students enjoy your teaching. Your talent is amazing friend and then there is Sadie...can't imagine her climbing up on your lap in the recliner. Bet there is a bit of work in getting situated comfortably :)! Hugs

  4. Oh that Sadie girl looks good! So do you Diana. Summer here in Florida has been oppressive heat. Well it's Florida and it's August!
    I see you've been plenty busy and good for you ! Your work is always beautiful and love you butterfly.


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