Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Art on the Farm Show and PIGLETS!

Me hanging my work at the show. John helped me so much!

A Gorgeous day !

Perennial Roots Kune Kune Piglet, they brought 2. They were adorable!
HI ! Wow, it was a lovely show. I sold 12 originals. I was so pleased to see everyone and thank everyone for their support.  I had a good time visiting the booths next to me. Perennial Roots www.perennialroots.com was near by and brought 2 little piglets. I naturally was talking to them and petting the pigs throughout the day.  I love animals. These I'll be painting more of, isn't that a sweet face. There were a lot of people there so I was busy all day. John and Clay came and broke me down and packed up for me. I'm still exhausted, but it was a very good time.

Clay is visiting this weekend. Here in the USA it's Memorial Day Weekend. I'm so glad he got to come home for a long weekend. He brought me my mothers day and birthday present-- a tablet. I've never had one before and it's so wonderful to have the men watching tv while I play on it. I'm still trying to get the hang of it. It's wonderful.

Sadie.our lab, has pulled a muscle in her leg, but she is doing ok, Cupcake, the kitty, is enjoying looking out the windows.

Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings and love to each of you,Diana


  1. Congratulations on your success! Very nice.
    I'm so glad you had beautiful weather. You are brave learning how to use a tablet. I get a headache looking at them, but I guess one day we must learn. lol

  2. Life is sounding truly idyllic, Diana! Love the pigs and congrats on so many sales!!!

  3. LOVE your photo of the piglet!!!
    Diana, thank you so much for your comment on the dog portrait. It is coming along well, and soon will be finished - touches up and all. I wish I could take photos, but my camera is in the repair shop ... soon :)
    Kathryn xx

  4. Wow... 12 paintings sold??? That is amazing!!! Well done!! And that is one cute little piggie! Sorry to hear about Sadies leg. I hope she recovers quickly :0)

  5. Dear Diana- I am sure there will be a piglet portrait soon. What a face. Too cute. Read your previous post. Beautiful paintings. I can see why you sold twelve originals. Congratulations! Now go get some rest. Hope Sadie is better!

  6. Congratulations on your sales! Those piglets are so cute.

  7. Thank you Laura, The pigs were adorable! Thanks Debbie, you are a sweetheart.Thanks Sandra, we've got trouble with Sadie's leg. They want to operate. Did Sherlock have leg surgery?? Thank you Kathryn, you paint beautifully!,Thanks Sherrie I'm tired from all the shows.Thank you Maywyn, no not brave. love to each of you,Diana


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