Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sadie's Sick

I took her to the Vet today. Our Veterinarian is Dr. Bailey from Greenbush Veterinary Clinic in Greenbush,Va, which is here on the ES but about 25 minutes away. He's a dear man with sweet nurses and Sadie has been going to him since she was little. He examined her and she has colitis.( Stomach trouble) We left the vet with her pulling me out the door. As we got near the cute little dog house decorating the yard I stumbled,she leaped,I dropped the leash, and I fell over the dog house.. I managed to raise my head and warn the man with the next dog coming into the yard. "Here she comes."Sadie ran right to them. The nurses came pouring out to grab her as we were on a busy road. I did get into the car with Sadie and home we came. Thank Goodness. I need to do comics.. Wish  you could have seen it. ha ha.. Only me. She's had her medicine and is resting now. You know I'll be watching over her as I paint. I cleaned today I was so worried, no painting. Maybe now. Talk to you soon, love,Diana


  1. Oh no! Poor Sadie! Is this something that will be cured with medicine? I hope so... Poor girl :0(
    Sherlock is having another xray on his leg tomorrow because it is still causing problems... I am hoping it isn't something that needs more surgery. If it is, he will be having surgery tomorrow too. I feel so worried! We will keep our fingers crossed for each other :0)

  2. Eeeh...maybe she had one too many tasty treats on her forays out in your woods!! Hope she feels better soon and I hope today doesn't find you too sore or with too many bruises and scratches!!

  3. Oh dear! Sounds painful-for both of you!
    I am praying for Sadie.

  4. Oh my Diana - first I hope you are okay and then Sadie...you both are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope Sadie responds well to her medicine. I am sure you are very worried. Sending you lots of hugs and get well wishes.

  5. Please take care of yourself, and Sadie, too. That sounds like it was almost a horrific accident!
    Kathryn xx

  6. OH NO! for both of you...
    I hope your ok... I thought I was the 'falling queen..'
    As for Sadie all I could say when I saw this pic was .
    AWWWW! poor Sadie..
    (yes and you too) LOL ! Hope your both getting better.


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