Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day lily Watercolor

Day lily 8x10 original 

Painting flower

Orchid from Norfolk Botanical Garden after class.
Hi  , class at Norfolk Botanical Garden was lovely. Ten students did a great job. Today we are having the end of a northeastern storm. Windy  now and cold, the sun is trying to peak out. I finished my little day lily this afternoon. Sadie, our Labrador has napped in bed during the storm.   John just got home, we are having  leftovers for supper. Better get them warming, love to you, Diana

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


HI everyone,  the show was so nice, lots of people, lots of dear friends, not so many sales but enough for pizza take out for supper and more,so that was good.This was Eastern Shore Heritage Festival  at ESCC.

Beth and I took my paintings down to the Lemon Tree Gallery in Cape Charles, on Monday.  Here is a photo  of Clelia and Mary Ann in the beautiful gallery. This show opens Friday night.

I am teaching  at Norfolk Botanical Garden this Saturday.  Daffodils, Hellebore, and Common Blue butterflies.  All blooming here, I am glad to say. Spring seels to be here. So beautiful.  I drew Crocus  yesterday,  Sadie and me sitting in the grass in the sunshine.  Take care hope spring is popping where you are, my love to you  Diana
The last photo is Elizabeth, Gertraud, and Gary, with Elizabeth 's 2 puppies.from Heritage Festival.  Talk soon!