Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Diana M. Davis Watercolor

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

May you have a happy, contented, peaceful Memorial Day Weekend. Daisy is. Talk to you soon, Diana

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Art on the Farm at Barrier Island Center

This Saturday, May 29th from 10am to 4pm is the Art on the Farm Art Show at the Barrier Island Center in Machipongo,Va. I will be showing my beautiful watercolors there.Some of the finest art in the mid-Atlantic, plus a treasure trove of regional specialties from wine to native plants and flowers. Hope you can come. Pictured is my gallery wall in my home. I will have these paintings there and continue to get ready for the show. take care and see you Saturday! Diana

Monday, May 24, 2010

In Memory

Well , a very sad week, this painting I did last year and today I post it in memory of Gran, my dear mother in law, I loved her dearly and we all did, we miss her greatly. These flowers were in her yard and she was tickled I painted them. God's blessings on our Gran, Diana

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Try this brush!

HI, I tried Nancy's brush this week. It is an Isabey Squirrel Quill #8 and it was so much fun. If you can try one, do a quick sketch, this is of a wine bottle of Holly Grove Vineyards , Franktown,Va. I quickly sketched it and then slathered on the paint. and I love it. I'd love to do a few bottles like this, I have a brush the same size just not an expensive one and it works. I don't get the same glide across the paper or the smoothness as I do with this brush but same effect. Now my favorite brush of all times is my 1/2 inch flat sable . Just by the way I hold the brush it can do so many things! There is Daisy, I went to the plant swap at The Bear and The Cub Coffee Shoppe in Pungoteague,Va. Saturday morning. It was so much fun. These are my new plants before I got them in the ground.They have great coffee, such a warm and inviting place to browse and see the yarn,art,... I had the Oyster Roast Bold coffee, which is rich and delightful. Well I'm rambling, I better get painting, the Art in the Farm - art show on May 29th--at the Barrier Island Center is coming up in a couple of weekends...talk soon,Diana

Friday, May 14, 2010

Stargazer Lilies

HI, Well today was beautiful. The weather was perfect and after I ran some errands I took my painting outside,set up a table, pulled up my porch rocker and painted. Daisy and Dusty joined me and laided at my feet. I finished my stargazer lily, now I hope to frame it tomorrow for the Garden Art Show on Sunday. It was a lovely day. Hope you have a great weekend. Talk soon,Diana

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wren and Whos

Hi, every spring I want to paint a wren. This is my new Wren and Tomato.. The Carolina Wrens are so mischievous. Last year I had hung my wash on the clothesline. The clothes were still damp that night when I brought them in and so I put them in the dryer. The next morning my husband opened the dryer and said what in the world is in here!!! The little wren had made a nest in his blue jean shorts pocket. Thank goodness nothing but nesting material... haha.. it was all inside the dryer with all the other clothes.. and the dear little nest in the pocket. Living here we also get owls flying through the backyard. So here are 2 babies and of course in the corner of the photo- a hummer with day lily. I use Winsor& Newton Iridescent Watercolor Medium.. just use a tiny amount in a glaze at the end of your painting on my hummingbirds. I will be showing my watercolors this Sunday May 16th at Berkley Ashby's home in Belle Haven,Va. at a small Garden Art Show. from 2-5pm. to benefit Epworth Methodist Church Building Fund. This afternoon is my free afternoon-- I really need it-- and I've had a bike ride and am working on my stargazer painting. Dusty is very upset , it is raining. For a farm dog she gets really nervous in the rain. Hope we get more than a few drops. Talk to you Soon. Diana

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing you each a wonderful Mother's Day filled with love and family and friends. ( This photo is of my mother's clematis, in her backyard.. gorgeous aren't they. I will have to paint them!) Enjoy your day! Diana

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lilies and Iced Tea

HI,Today, I've started sketching a stargazer lily painting. I just picked some spearmint growing by my front door for my iced tea and am going to enjoy working on this sketch this afternoon. I received flowers yesterday.. our anniversary and now feel like I want to paint a rose too. So many flowers and so little time! Then Anne came by yesterday and brought asparagus and I said oh no I've got to paint them too! But I did cook most of them for supper.. Oh they were so good. We had a black snake warming itself in my flower patch yesterday and I heard the first whippoorwill yesterday early in the morning. Spring must be here.. Talk to you soon! Diana